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History of Nanaksar

Once again Baba ji started enjoying the respect and affection of the sikh ‘Sangat’, spreading his fame and name. Seeing all this, he quietly left the place one day and came to his village Sherpur in Jagraon sub division. He started residing near a tomb known by the name of  ‘Nau Gajia’ (nine yards). Not only the people of the village but others from places far and wide started thronging the place. Then he shifted his abode to a village Kaleran where gurudawara Nanaksar is located now. This was around 1918 to 1921 AD. This place was a dense jungle infested with wild animals . What to speak of the night, no body ever passed by that place. Baba ji started living there and very soon the jungle was thronged by the ‘Sangat’. The place became lively and attractive. The propagation of        ‘Nam-Bani’ started in real earnest. Baba ji would hold a congregation at regular hours and started propagating the divine message of Gurmat as enunciated by the great Guru Nanak. Part taking ‘Amrit’ (Khande Ki Pahul) had become a regular feature. Lakhs of people were initiated into the Khalsa brotherhood through administration of ‘Amrit’. Baba ji would often remark that, “One who surrenders totally can achieve the high ideals of  Sikhism. Give up ‘I’, ‘my’ and ‘me’ and belong to guru. Guru Nanak was very fond of praising Lord through the mode of singing (Kirtan). So, you must all either sing his praises or listen to them being sung to save yourself from the fire of ‘Kalyug’ (Dark Age). Meditate and serve. Beas faith on the advise of the Guru and make them applicable in your life. The guru of the dark age  is Sri Guru Granth Sahib and no one else. Don’t indulge in singing praises of a saint or any other pious soul. Praise Guru Nanak the only deserving personally, the embodiment of the formless Lord. The incantation of the word ‘Waheguru’ is our entry ticket to the Lords abode. Its constant meditation will ensure us emancipation. Baba ji never permitted the minstrels to sing such hymns  which are loaded with the praise of a ‘Sant’, lest some one takes him as one.

            Baba ji stayed here for 13 years. He visited other parts of the Punjab and spread the gospel of Guru Nanak in every home, but his main centre of missionary activities remained at Kaleran. It was here that he got a portrait of Guru Nanak painted by S. Bhagat Singh of Jagraon. This beautiful portrait finds a place of honour in all holy places established and belonging to Nanaksar Management and the houses of the ‘Sikh Sangat’ devoted to Guru Nanak through this institution. Seeing these portraits, many suspect that ‘Nanaksar’ followers indulge in picture worship.

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