Baba Harnam Singh ji

Baba Nand Singh ji

Baba Ishar Singh ji

Sri Sachkhand Sahib


Spiritual Education
God in Garb of Sage
Holy Congregation
Spiritual Liminary
Guru and Disciple
Fearless and Non-Inimical
God of Rain And Fire
Glow of "Tap" and "Noor"
Creator of Past,Present and Future
Once Baba Harnam Singh Sahib was sitting in meditation under a tree, some distance to the North of a village called Siriewale. He used to keep his face covered. Some young boys came that side and sat near Him. They requested Him to uncover His face. They also questioned Him as to why He was keeping His face covered. On their insistence, Baba Ji politely told them that the time was not yet ripe to uncover his face, because everything dry that came under His gaze would catch fire. Not realising, the implication of this remark, a couple of boys removed the cloth covering Baba Ji's face. No sooner was this done, than the whole village, and all the the dry crops stacked in it instantly caught fire. The Boys ran helter skelter in panic as did the villagers who knew not the cause of such a devastating fire. When errant boys told the elders the strange tale, they came running to Baba Ji and falling prostrate at His holy feet, begged for forgiveness. Most compassionate Baba Ji just looked at the sky. The sky thundered with a frightening sound of lightning and instantly followed a ferocious heavy downpour. Now the villagers ran to the village to salvage their belongings from heavy rain. Later when they went back to thank Baba Ji and to pay their homage to him, they found the place deserted. Baba Ji was no more there. He had already left. It was many years later that one of the villagers came to Bhuchon and recognised Baba Ji. Such was the intensity of the divine glow on His holy face. God of Rain and God of Fire rolled at the holy feet of Baba Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj in total submissiveness. Such was the Glory of the powerful sage of Bhuchon Kalan.
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