Baba Harnam Singh ji

Baba Nand Singh ji

Baba Ishar Singh ji

Sri Sachkhand Sahib


Spiritual Education
God in Garb of Sage
Holy Congregation
Spiritual Liminary
Guru and Disciple
Fearless and Non-Inimical
God of Rain And Fire
Glow of "Tap" and "Noor"
Creator of Past,Present and Future
Once Baba Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj, who always used to sit in a dark room, asked a Sewak whether it was day or night? The sewak out of curiosity asked Him the reasons for this query. Baba ji replied, "Just as in the sun there is no darkness, for those established in the luminous paramjot, brilliance of thousands of such moons and suns fades away into insignificance. This brilliance and light of the physical sun is only a borrowed fraction of the eternal source of light. In this Luminousity Eternal the sages always remain established. Thousands of such luminous suns and moons can not dispel the darkness of ignorance, and the delusion of ‘maya’, which a mere glance of a perfect saint could do and achieve". Baba Harnam Singh Ji was the highest spiritual Luminary, God has ever gifted to mankind.
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