Baba Harnam Singh ji

Baba Nand Singh ji

Baba Ishar Singh ji

Sri Sachkhand Sahib


Spiritual Education
God in Garb of Sage
Holy Congregation
Spiritual Liminary
Guru and Disciple
Fearless and Non-Inimical
God of Rain And Fire
Glow of "Tap" and "Noor"
Creator of Past,Present and Future

When he reached the age of eleven years, he was still popularly called ‘Mastana’ (Carefree) in the village. Some would consider him a holy person and address him accordingly. But he had risen above the petty consideration of respects and insults, happiness and sorrow and other mortal traits. So with whatever name he was addressed, he would reply. He was ever engrossed in the happiness of his association with the Lord’s lotus feet.

One day he said to his mother, “we have to go now.” His mother thought that he was planning to go some where like he has been doing previously, and would come back after some time. So she gave him permission to go. Who can know the state of mind and innate feelings of great souls ? Obtaining permission from his mother, he left his home for good. Following the spiritual path he reached the abode of Sant Ram Singh ji of Dhilwan. He went through a course of Gurbani recitation including understanding its meanings. He understood the deep connotations of the worship in general and Sikhism in particular. He further strengthened his spiritual believes. During his stay of many years at this place, he learnt Vedant and Sikh philosophy and acquired adequate knowledge of Sikh history. Sant Ram Singh ji who was popularly known as ‘Soosianwale’ was a great scholar, adopt in Yog Shastar and Vedas. So, after imparting necessary knowledge to him and seeing his love, unprecedented inclination in worship and devotion to God, Sant Ram Singh ji changed his name from Nehal Singh to Harnam Singh. Thereafter he was sent to abode of Sant Mal Singh ji Nijjran. He further improved upon his spiritual education. He would spend most of his time in worship, recitation of Gurbani and meditation on His name. The holy congregation and other great and pious souls visiting the dwelling always found him in deep meditation of God Lord in a secluded spot.

He was aware that humility and humbleness are essential requisites for the worship of God. The mind should be free of pride and the thoughts high. The worldly cleverness, praises and respects are worthless. The path of love and devotion leads to the ultimate reality of oneness with God. The worldly ocean can be crossed by worship of the God. Gods worship is the true aim of human life. As the names of saints like Dhru Prahlad, Kabir, Namdev and Ravidas are immortal in the world, similar infallibility is obtained by His devotes. Who worship Him without desires of any return. But such worship is achieved by the grace of God and service of His devotes. Constant meditation of His name coupled with service purifies the heart. The mind becomes humble and modest. The evils of lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride disappear from his personality. Not only he alone but his whole family is emancipated.

Service and meditation are made a mention in many religions of the world. The service involves physical work, application of mind and contribution of money for the common welfare of the society . It binds a man with humanity breaking the shackles of religion, caste, family and high/low status. The traits of humility and truth slowly enters in to one’s life. These in return free a man from the bondages of attachment and affection and help him successfully complete the voyage of his life.

The meditation and service of His creation help a person improve his life in this world and secure the life there after. We should meditate on the name of one-the timeless, creator and who has manifested Himself in all His creations. His names may be innumerable. We serve the humanity and pious souls considering them to be the manifestation and image of God. Both meditation and service produces an unusual clarity in the mind of a person. His mind becomes pious and clean. The historical events of the life of all the Gurus shows that all of them were devoted meditators and willing servants, who reached the pinnacle of the highest level of spirituality to become Guru. We also have the life accounts of Bhai Ghananya ji and a few others, who achieved salvation through the process of service of mankind. The right course for achieving the ultimate reality and obtaining the attachment with the ever loving lotus feet of Lord for us through selfless service and meditation of His name carried out with perpetual devotion love and infallible faith.

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