Baba Harnam Singh ji

Baba Nand Singh ji

Baba Ishar Singh ji

Sri Sachkhand Sahib


Spiritual Education
God in Garb of Sage
Holy Congregation
Spiritual Liminary
Guru and Disciple
Fearless and Non-Inimical
God of Rain And Fire
Glow of "Tap" and "Noor"
Creator of Past,Present and Future
Once Baba Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj chanced to appear at Una Sahib. Bedi Sahib learnt from a disciple that a saint with a chadar around him and with his face covered with a cloth, was sitting at some distance away from there. Bedi Sahib understood and brought meals along with a couple of disciples and offered to construct a suitable Kutia there for Babaji's sojourn and meditation. He further offered couple of attendants (sewaks) to remain in His service. Babaji very politely declined and enquired about some suitable lonely place far away from habitation and ideal for long and uninterrupted meditation. Bedi Sahib mentioned that such a place was there but a long distance away from there. He explained the entire route. Babaji set out and reached the desired spot after walking for a number of days. There were hills all around and a stream flowed by. Babaji sat under a tree with thick growth on the bank of the flowing stream. It was here that the Lord of Tapasya sat in meditation for a whole year, arose and then again sat in meditation for two years, again opened His blissful Samadhi and again went into Samadhi for another two years. It was after an uninterrupted long spell of five years meditation and Samadhi at a stretch that Divine Lord of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj left this place. Baba Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj was an incarnation of 'Tap' and the flaming glow of that 'Tap' and 'Noor' on His face was unbearable for earthly beings. Even powerful sages and faqirs could not withstand this glow. Baba Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj was a born spiritual Monarch. From His very childhood He was in a perpetually blissful Samadhi. In that state of perpetual Divine Intoxication, nothing perturbed Him neither intense heat nor intense cold, nor the want of food, comfort and pleasure nor pain. He was far above the opposite dualities of this materialistic world. Lust, greed, pride, anger dared not touch Him.
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