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He had four brothers and two sisters. His childhood name was Inder Singh. He was very soft-spoken, kind temperament and showed very helpful attitude right from the childhood. He was very fond of listening to the historical accounts of guru’s life and other episodes of smithy persons.  That is why perhaps he never liked to indulge in silly play  things the children are generally fond of. Instead of jumping and playing around with boys of his age, he would rather spend time meditating on the formless god, in a secluded and calm place.When he was five years old, he was sent a school in a nearby village- Nathowal to study. But he could never involve his mind in the studies. Even a few residents of his village and his elder brother S. Phagan Singh tried their best to educate him but no one could infuse any interest in his detached and restless mind. All their efforts to put him through school to acquire necessary education weaned him away from books and attracted him more towards the Lord. At last he was asked to join in the family occupation of agriculture.  He did this work with great devotion for many years. While he kept his hands busy in work and mind from the worldly business towards god, his detached and restless mind was ever in search of a complete saint and a holy man. His depressed, unattached, austere and troubled mind state could easily be read from his face. So inspite of his involvement   in work, he would ever be on the look out for a noble and pious soul visiting any nearby village. He would shed his work and reach the benign presence of the holy man, he would often say, “You be friend” holy man, they will make you their own. Making God your friend will make everyone else your friend too. The world is full of selfish friends, out world friend, false friends deceitful friends; but Guru Nanak is our only true friend. Make those people your own who would not separate from you here or there, the world beyond. Those who would help us associate ourselves with the feet of Guru Nanak.He was only ten or eleven years old when his good deeds of the past life bore fruit when Baba Nand Singh ji Kaleranwale, the complete celestial master visited his village. He made it a point to attend the congregation both in body and mind. During this period he would perform service of a water carrier in the cookhouse and also fan the holy congregation with devotion and love. Thereafter, he started visiting Nanaksar Kaleran every day along with other devotees to hold a glimpse of Baba Nand Singh ji. He would often stay there for many days and perform voluntary service. Thus he developed ever increasing attachment with Divinity. After three years when Baba ji visited his village again, he was attracted so much that he left his home for good in favour of the house of Lord.He partook of Khande ki Pahul from Baba ji and started earnestly to achieve the higher state of knowledge through worship, penance, meditation, discipline and austerity. He would spend much time doing service for the holy congregation.
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