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Maryada of Nanaksar
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Maryada of Nanaksar

Baba ji enforced the following of set code of conduct of Nanaksar Kaleran and other ‘Thaths’ with equal fervour so as to bring in uniformity and innate oneness among the sangat at all places. Similarly he extended the practices and norms set up by Baba Nand Singh and followed the laid down code for Paths (recitation of Gurbani) Katha (discourses), Kirtan (singing of holy hymns) at various functions. Punctuality and sticking to the laid down rules was his main principal. He would pay particular attention to the service of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, cleanliness of the assembly hall and its decorations. He would ask sewadars (volunteers) and inmates of the Dehra to ensure strict compliance of the rules, code of conduct and other instructions laid down from time to time.  One can say that the small orchard of Sikhism that he had looked after for twenty years has now blossoming in to a full-fledged garden in the country and abroad and spreading out the sweet fragrance of the philosophy of Guru Nanak.
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