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Turban to Baba ji
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Turban to Baba ji

After the departure of Baba Nand Singh for his heavenly separation. On the tenth day of his demise, the Sangat (holy gathering) offered him turban, symbolic of dawning the mentle of his successor to continue with the Divine work, but he was still in a state of shock at the departure of his dear one.For sometime, Baba Ishar Singh ji remained busy with worship at Dehra Dun. Baba Kundan Singh Baba Sadhu Singh ji. The head ministrel, Baba Kehar Singh ji, Inder Singh (Jodiwala) and Jaswant Singh Lamejat purwale were with him. For seven years Baba Ishar Singh ji meditated in the under ground room at Jhoran. Baba Narain Singh ji constructed a thirteen storey ‘Thath’ at this very place, in order to attach the Sangat with Guru Granth Sahib ji the embodiment of Guru Nanak in accordance with the code established and practiced by Baba Nand Singh ji. Baba Ishar Singh Ji started discourses and ‘Kirtan’.  People thronged the place to listen to Baba ji.
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