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Baba Ishar Singh ji

Sri Sachkhand Sahib


Holy Education
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Maryada of Nanaksar
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Selfless Service by Baba ji
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Holy Education

Seeing this tendency, Baba ji sent him to the care of his teacher Baba Wadhawa Singh ji of Lehra Khana, in order to study spirituality. He completed this education in many years stay there. Then he returned to the abode of Baba ji at Kaleran and took up service there. Baba ji was very happy to see his love and involved study of Gurbani. During this period, his name was changed from Inder Singh to Ishar Singh. He was every busy in the care and service, forgetting his self completely. He could neither wear socks non-shoes in his feet. His heels had developed cracks, which were as wide to accommodate small stones in them. He had made no hut for his rest. Whenever he found sometime for rest, (specially when Baba Nand Singh ji would be busy in reciting his daily prayers) he would sit outside his gate best he is called by Baba ji at anytime. Whenever called, he would rush to his holy presence, often hitting his forehead into the pillar or wall. He would develop bumps in the forehead, yet rush to attend to Baba ji order.  At last he reached a stage of oneness with Baba ji. Many a time when Baba ji would just think by something or desire something (like milk, curd or curd milk), Baba Ishar Singh ji would have the item in his hand to deliver. Baba Nand Singh ji would often make a mention of it during the daily assembly. Baba Ishar Singh would be ever ready to perform service. Perpetual service had caused the nails of some of his fingers uprooted – the hands that later blessed many rich and poor people alike. If, he ever extended his hand towards someone, that man would forget all about himself and go into a different state of mind. He would often experience an electric current running in to his body. That would bring to the all his sins and make him cry in order to commence his lift of penance to wash off  the past ill deeds.
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