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Dear Hug By Baba Ji

Once Baba Nand Singh ji had camped on a hillside at Solan. A spring of water was located at a distance of about two miles by a straight and steep down path. Baba Ishar Singh ji went to collect water from there for the bath of Baba Nand Singh ji. Suddenly the sky became overcast with dark clouds. It became pitch dark. Baba Ishar Sing ji lost his way, though he would leave small pieces     of cloth tied with bushes as mark of identification of his route. So with great difficulty, he managed to reach the benign presence of Baba ji to deliver a tin of water well in time, that is, before 12:15 A.M. He helped Baba ji in his bath.  Now another demand was placed on him. Baba ji was seated inside the tent and it started raining heavily. After the bath, he was required to serve hot tea but the firewood was wet with rain. Baba Ishar Singh ji went behind a boulder opened his umbrella and started burning the fire. He took off his turban and burnt the whole cloth piece meal into fire. Than he took off his loose shirt and started burning it bit by bit. He managed to offer Baba ji a cup of tea well in time. Baba Nand Singh ji took Baba Ishar Singh ji in a dear hug and expressed his appreciation for his singular devotion.
At another place, Baba ji was sitting engrossed in meditation inside a cave by the hillside. Suddenly it started raining with hard storm. Baba Ishar Singh ji was standing in service of the Baba ji. He bent down on Baba Nand Singh ji covering his head from the falling hails and bore their brunt on his body. Once again Baba Nand Singh ji became very happy with his devotion.
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