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Baba ji Start Spreading Holy Message

Once he became free from all these involvements, he started receiving requests from  ‘Sangat’ for the spread and propagation of Sikh faith. He accepted the requests of the Sikh Sangat and commenced his tour on a missionary work after attending Baisakhi function of 1953 at Dam Dama Sahib (Bathinda). He started visiting villages, towns and cities to spread the message of Guru Nanak Patishah. Besides discourses and singing of Lords praises, he commenced administration of  Khande ki Pahul.  He went to far of places in provinces other than the Punjab and visited Patna Sahib, Delhi, Bombay, Gawalior, Agra,      Indore, Calcutta, Sri Hazoor Sahib, Kanpur, Ranchi in order to spread the tenets of Sikh faith in every nook and corner of India. He kept at this mission for ten long years and brought lakhs of people to the fold of Guru by administration of Amrit (Khande Ki Pahul).
The main approach of Baba ji’s missionary work was to accept Guru Granth Sahib ji as the true Guru and spend life in the light of its teachings. He motivated people to partake ‘Amrit’– a boon given to us by the tenth master. He adopted this approached for the spread of Sikhism through discourses and propagating the gist and main contents of Gurbani in very simple language easily understood by the layman as well as well read people beside singing of gurbani for more pronounced impact on their mind. People sitting and listening would often be spell bound by his singing and discourses. The epitome of   worship and power, an ideal example of service and meditation, capable of calling a spade a spade, fearless and courageous Baba ji often say, “We can belong to the Guru only after obtaining the Amrit (Khande ki Pahul). Only than can we go before the Guru. Those who are born in a sikh family and remain bereft of the ‘Amrit’ are divorced from Guru. They are without ‘Guru’. The formless Almighty it, and yet one has given you the looks of a lion, but a barber who hold one’s face and even slaps it while shaving or trimming it, and yet one has to pay some money for all this insult. Beware ! all sikhs must support untarnished look. If one has taken Amrit, one recites Gurbani, he is the Sikh of the Guru. If one is without Amrit does not read and recite gurbani; he is not Sikh and certainly not a loved one. God loves the daily code of conduct of a Sikh. So a sight of a Guru-less or even making a mention of him is a sin.
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