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Sarover Seva

On 13th Mar 1950, he commenced work of digging up a ‘Sarovar’  (pond) at Nanksar Thath Kaleran. The engineer and mason but with the kind grace of Guru Nanak, Baba ji could complete the work in 28 days and declared it open for bathing by the Sangat. He also commenced work on the underground room where Baba Nand Singh ji used to pray and worship. After some more time, he got a five storied thath completed and covered its dome with gold plates. The main congregation hall and The Baradari (place with twelve doors) too was completed at a fast pace by the ever-increasing voluntary service of people of the villages around. Baba Ishar Singh ji completed all this miraculously in a short span of time. The important thing to note is that he never asked for a penny from any one for completing all these works. He did not even permit any of his mendicant to collect money for these tasks. He would often say in holy congregation that he has never touched a currency note so far in his life even just to see what it feels like. Sangat used to take care of the meals as well as all material required for construction.
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